CO2InnO: Real-lab CO2-neutral pilot innovation region Upper Rhine: development of energy and mobility solutions

·  Project Leader: Prof. Koch, B.

· Duration: 01.10.2022 to 30.09.2025

The Upper Rhine region is to be further developed as a pilot region of a greenhouse gas emission-free, innovative economic region based on a sustainable energy and transport concept, while promoting economic value creation and job creation. This offers the opportunity to design transformation concepts bi-nationally, demonstrate their feasibility in the long term, and contribute to the regional energy transformation in a tangible way.

The CO2InnO project aims to advance the transformation process towards a climate-neutral Upper Rhine by creating a living lab that demonstrates concrete energy solutions, in particular hydrogen-based combined heat and power plants for electricity, heat generation and e-mobility.

The initial situation will be recorded using the example of two model communities on the French and German sides. Subsequently, a hydrogen-based CHP unit will be developed as a demonstrator. Finally, the results will be collected and recommendations for action derived. These will be published and discussed with citizens and responsible stakeholders in order to advance the implementation of climate-neutral and decentralized energy supply. Furthermore, a  simulation program will enables stakeholders (municipalities, public institutions, industrial sites) to assess the benefits of the system for their local situation.