As stipulated in the Aachen Treaty, the Franco-German Council of Ministers has agreed on the joint further development of the Upper Rhine region. Among other things, the aim is to further develop the region into the pilot region of a greenhouse gas emission-free, innovative economic region based on a sustainable energy and transport concept, while at the same time promoting value creation and job creation. As this reflects the will of all stakeholders, it offers a unique opportunity to shape the necessary transformation concepts and strategies bi-nationally within the framework of a real laboratory and to demonstrate their feasibility in the long term with regard to the upcoming transformation.

The project was approved by the joint secretariat in October 2022 and has since been co-funded by Interreg Upper Rhine. The aim of the project “CO2InnO – Reallabor Co2-neutral Innovation Region Upper Rhine” – is to design viable transformation paths for sustainable energy and mobility systems, eco-industry and innovation concepts to demonstrate the interconnectedness of society, business and research and to develop concrete steps for their implementation – together with citizens and stakeholders from science, business, politics, administration and civil society on the French and German side. Using the existing research expertise of the existing research network, innovative ideas for future-oriented research and development are to be expanded.
Head of the consortium: Prof. Dr. Barbara Koch, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Chair of Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems (FeLis); contact via: Adem Ugurlu,

Foto: Leonid Andronov/